Comparison of CO2 inversion products

The Atmospheric Tracer Transport Model Intercomparison Project (Transcom) was created to quantify and diagnose the uncertainty in inversion calculations of the global carbon budget that result from errors in simulated atmospheric transport. TransCom was conceived at the Fourth International CO2 Conference in Carqueiranne in 1993.

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The goal of this site is to show some results from different contributors inverse systems of the transcom community:

Inverse System ContactPeriodRECCAP selected
Lsce_an_v2.1Philippe Peylin (
Lsce_var_v1.0Frederic Chevallier (
C13_CCAM_LAWRachel Law (
C13_MATCH_RaynerPeter Rayner (
Carbontracker_USAndy Jacobson / Wouter Peters(
Carbontracker_EUWouter Peters (
Jena_s96_v3.2Christian Roedenbeck (
Rigc_PatraPrabir Patra (
JMA_2010Kazutaka YAMADA (
TRCOM_meanKevin Gurney (
Nicam_NiwaYosuke Niwa (
GEOSTATSharon Gourdji / Anna Michalak (
PSU_mbutler_casaMarta butler (
CSU_RavindaRavinda (