Our main objective is to make all Transcom Data freely available to the wider scientific community once the main study has been published in a peer-review article. In the meantime, the Transcom Data must be considered provisional, and subject to change. Transcom data will be made available in preliminary form to Transcom investigators, and associates (on a case-by-case basis) to enable quality assurance through preliminary analysis and intercomparison with other data sets. Corrections and refinements to data products will be made as the analysis proceeds. Revisions will be noted, and investigators and the Transcom data system will maintain version control. For RECCAP investigators we would kindly ask that if results from individual models are presented in the RECCAP papers (i.e. beyond results presented as statistics across the DGVM ensemble), then the modelling group in question should be given access to the manuscript before submission. For further details, please see attached Data Use Policy.